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    Just thought I should post my experience here since I've seen a few threads asking for info about wewaware.com.

    I recently bought what I thought were a Sky3DS+ as well as an R4 SDHC Dual Core from this guy. I specifically asked him if it's the "latest" version of Sky3DS and he told me "yes". Turned out I got the old blue button version, as well as a "clone" or "fake" or however you want to call it R4. With the R4 the package looked incomplete (missing cart holder) and possibly used - the included USB adapter looked obviously used with scratches both on the outside as well as the USB pins. I couldn't get the R4 to work on my new 3DS and that's when I did some googling and found out I got a fake copy - no website stamp on the back of the cart near the pins, different website address on the cover ending with ".cn" instead of ".com" etc.

    So I emailed him and asked what's up. I first got a couple responses saying he'll looking into the R4 and exchange the Sky3DS+ when more comes in. So I waited. Emailed him a few weeks later and no response. I've been trying to contact him multiple times since then via his 2 separate email addresses and 2 phone numbers I got, left him voicemails, but absolutely no response from seller.

    All I say is BUYER BEWARE. If you want to take a chance make sure you pay via Paypal so at least you have some form of buyer protection if he cheats you. If something's not right just file a Paypal claim as this guy will likely not answer you (as confirmed by other posters).
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    Thank you.
    Not I know before I buy. :)
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