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    Apr 11, 2009
    here it goes....

    i have a 34 inch monitor which has vga and component on the back, but it cannot sync 480p through the component so i have to use 480i 60hz.

    i have a PAL wii modded with the 1st wasabi chip with latest firmware and the wii's firmware is on 3.2E & cIOS36_rev9.

    ive encountered the same problem with 2 games, tatsunoko vs capcom and castlevania judgement both japanese versions.

    when using component and i boot either game the wii gets forced into 480p, this is the same off disc or usbloader.

    i did find a solution by enabling 50hz in the wii settings, then the game went into 480i 60hz, but then another problem happened.

    only the home button worked on the wiimote or classic pad, no other button will work.

    i hope somebody can help me.

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