weird error 51099

Discussion in 'NDS - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection' started by wiibomb, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Feb 15, 2010
    hi, I´m trying to get help with my nintendo usb wi-fi connector and my dsi system, the problem is that I tryied to stablish a connection but every time I do it it appears the error 051099-1 in the connection settings, I have a DS lite and a Wii system, and both works well, besides I tryied to do the connection with my heartgold game on the dsi, and it works, the only thing that does not work is the applications from the dsi... like the dsi browser and the flipnote hatena which doesnt even try to connect ... I had these connector working for years and nothing like this never happened...

    just two days ago I used the flipnote hatena well, but suddenly these began to happen, i tryied looking on internet.. but nothing appeared

    I would appereciate any help, I really want to use flipnote hatena and the dsi browser again

    EDIT: seems like now it is connecting on the system settings.. but in the dsi browser and on flipnote studio keeps me saying that error and doesn´t even detect the connection