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    Jul 15, 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I'm Coen and for finishing my master thesis I need you to play a fun little platfomer!
    At the end of each level you'l have to give a rating on how you like the level.
    Please go to https://thesis.cone.solutions to download the game.

    I already posted this, here before Christmas, in a different part of the forum.
    I didn't get many responses yet, but now it also runs in WebGL on top of already supported, Windows, Mac and Linux.


    You can win a €25,- gift card for completing the survey (e.g. eShop, Steam, etc.) if you fill in a correct email address.
    The goal is to award the prize before 31st of January, but it depends on how many people have filled it in.

    Thanks in advance for filling it out! :)
    And please share it with everyone who might like it!
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