WarioWare: Smooth Moves - NTSC

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  1. vistauk

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    Oct 18, 2007
    I just tryed to play this game on Wii PAL and when playing its in black and white ? also it keeps on jumping during game play ???

    can anyone help because been after this game for agers and want it on PAL
  2. skynth

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    Dec 13, 2008
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    Please use the search button, I've seen so many similar posts O.o

    Ok, did you install Cioscorp on your wii? and what firmware is it? i recommend the cutom IOS 249, or 3.2E, what did you use to launch the game?, also make sure you consider that not all games work with your launcher and so on make sure you give information in your posts

    use the backup launcher to launch your game and force NTSC, here's a few guides.
    The guide i used, amazing
    Here tells you how to post.
    List of guides