'WarioWare D.I.Y: Do It Yourself' (DS) Issues

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    Aug 9, 2010
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    To get Warioware D.I.Y: Do it Yourself (usa and eur) , working on your flashcard [​IMG] (r4ds, m3i, Acekard 2 only!!!!!!)......

    Step 1) If your using R4DS, Upgrade from R4DS v1.18 to the Latest R4 Wood versions,
    If your using M3i, Upgrade to M3i latest version,
    If your on AceKard 2, DO NOTHING!!

    Step 2)
    When you have upgraded your flashcart,
    Download the needed blank 32mb SAV file at: http://www.mediafire.com/?ztcnd2gmyzm
    Rename the sav to your rom name (remember to put .sav on the end!!!!!!!)

    Then, simply Enjoy!!

    Note: if this guide dosen't work, try to rename the '.sav' format into '.nds.sav' format.

    Tip: This guide should also work on Dragon Quest 9 (USA), when on r4 gold/r4 wood!
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    It's nice to give credit where it is due.
    The blank save file was provided by GBAtemp member m2pt5
    more than four months ago, when this issue was still a problem.

    It's always nice to have people who join GBAtemp to help others,
    but I don't think very many people are having trouble with this game anymore.
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