vWii SoftMod Help! Cannot find the basics!

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    PLEASE HELP ME! Sorry I am a noob :cry:

    I recently just bought a Nintendo Wii U console after hearing about the company troubles and not selling as many consoles as expected.

    I felt sad for a company that I have been a big fan of for years, I bought the Xbox 360/PS3 and stuck with them the past couple of years, also picked up an Xbox One on November and planned sticking with it as for the Next Gen consoles.

    But after hearing about Nintendo's Trouble, I felt like i needed to support them. So i wen't ahead and picked me up a Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Edition with Super Mario Bros.

    One big reason I picked it up was cause i read up on vWii Softmods and HBC and it got me really excited.

    I decided hey, why not? I missed out on the Wii so this gives me a chance to play a whole library full of Nintendo Games I missed.

    So when I bought the system. I told myself. first things first I have to get this softmod outta the way before i dig into any games.

    So i wen't ahead and installed HBC via SSBB exploit and got HBC up and running. after that i followed a tutorial to DUMP NAND and install ciOS so i'm doing that as I type.

    After I get all this stuff finished, my goals is to have Wiiflow up and running.

    What i'm trying to get out of this system is backups, emulators, roms and media but I'm very noob and would love it if someone can enlighten me about this softmod please!

    I wan't to be able to:

    1.Backup my Physical Wii Game Disk into a library with Wii Flow
    2. Install my Wii ISO's/Backups I have on my PC onto Wiiflow and play it!, some of them are modded like Brawl Plus and Super Mario Bros Modded
    3. Run Emulators for systems like SNES, GBA, N64, DS, and be able to drag and drop my collection of ROMS into a external HDD or SD card.
    4.Install some kind of Media player so I can plug and watch my video content off a USB flash drive or SD card, I wan't to be able to play .MKV, .MP4, and .AVI files on my Wii U in 1080p
    5. How do I store games to an external HDD? Do i just buy a new HDD with a powersupply, then plug it into the back of my Wii and it just automatically saved my game backups their? or do i have to format and do something to it first?

    I have read just about every stickied thread and search through numerous pages of googles for these answer but it's hard to find and very extremely confusing to me to figure out. Like I don't even know what NAND means?

    Can you guys please help me out on each numbered step! Please explain if it is possible and how I go about doing so with a Softmodded Wii with HBC and Wiiflow.

    I would very much appreciate it if someone could please, for each number explain to me if it is possible to do so and how I go about doing it, in standard noob friendly words. I am so sorry I am asking all this but i have seriously spent a ton of time researching through numerous threads here and google but it's very hard for me to find the right answer and specially understand it. Like i dont even know what ciOS, NAND, .wad, forwarders, and things like that mean or stand for?

    That is why i'm stuck in a pickle and really appreciate it if anyone on here can help me out!
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    NAND is a type of memory. The original wii had 512 MB of this memory. Though the Wii U has more flash memory for Wii U mode functions, for backwards compatibility reasons the vWii uses an identical 512 MB chip.
    IOS is basically a stripped down OS that runs on the Wii and vWii. Several different versions of IOS exist on the system, so an update to IOS doesn't break compatibility for a game. cIOS are modified IOS which are used for things like backup games. There are different types of IOS for Wii and vWii due to small hardware differences.
    .wad is a format for installable Wii or vWii content. This mainly comes down to channels like Virtual Console or WiiWare content. Again, some .wads can only be used on the Wii and some can only be used on the vWii.
    Forwarders are channels (typically installed from .wad) which launch homebrew from an SD card or a USB device. It essentially shaves off one step, so you can launch homebrew from the vWii menu rather than through the Homebrew Channel.
    It's impossible to play videos in 1080p in vWii. The best you can do is play videos in 480p, which may then be upscaled to 1080p.
    Some hard drives don't get enough power from one USB port, and will need a Y-cable or AC power. It depends on the hard drive you're using, you'll just have to play around.

    I'm assuming you followed this guide.
    Now, you can use whatever USB loader you like to play your games. Homebrew applications go into apps folder on your SD card or USB device, so you can put emulators or backup loaders in there. Don't expect good performance out of N64 or DS, though.