vWii randomly shuts down

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by SinkyChan17, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. SinkyChan17

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    Dec 18, 2014
    Montreal, Quebec
    hey. so, i have my vwii hacked of course, but it randomly shuts down. and it only started recently. i hacked it back in 2014, but ever since this summer, it randomly shuts off. but ONLY vwii! it'll sometimes shut off 3 mins. later, sometimes an hour into a game. it's only happened in this situations:

    1) idle on the home menu
    2) during gameplay (on an emulator)
    3) idle on the homebrew channel

    i've yet to test it happening running a wii backup or on a USB loader because lately i haven't wanted to play any wii games, just emulators.

    any idea why this is happening and only of late?
  2. baselhamad

    baselhamad "F*CK israel", Free Free Palestine #فلسطيني_وأفتخر

    Mar 27, 2016
    United States
    Bethlehem, West Bank. Palestine
    1- try to erase all the wii remote parings on wii u settings

    2- re sync the wii remotes again

    3- launch vWii and it should be work with no problems and shutting down.

    i also had this problem before you, but i fixed it with these points, try it, if it worked, thank me, and give me a like :)
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