Vita vs PSPGo Saved Games?

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    Not sure if its the right place for this but here goes nothing

    Long story short:

    My PSPGo is hacked and I played a lot of psx roms on it.
    Now I have a vita, love it, its not hacked in anyway.

    Here's the situation: on my PSPGo I played a few good PSX RPGs. And now I want to buy them legit but on my Vita from the PS Store. But my concern is: can I import my saved games form my hacked PSPGo to the legit PSX game bought for my vita?

    For example I played about 20h of Front Mission 3 on my PSPGo... and its rather cheap on the PS Store and I want to buy it and play it on my Vita... but obviously I don't want to restart my +20h game. Is there a way to import my PSPGo save game (even tho it comes from a hacked source, iso downloaded) to be able to load it on the legit game on the vita once I buy it?

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    Yes! The saves will work as long as the game you are buying is the same region as the one you had on your PSP. Just use Content Manager Assistant to transfer the saves to your Vita.
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