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    Got a vita slim a few days ago on 3.57 wanted to play some demos but don't want to update, if I connect to my ps3 it nags to update.

    I downloaded a few demos and got the pkg files from my cfw ps3, now when I open content manager in the vita while connected to my PC it nags about linking a PSN account, obviously as theres a new firmware out once again I can't link a account.

    Is there anyway round this?
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    QCMA USB Swap trick bypasses the update nag. I explain how to do it in my guide, but I'll just place it here so it's easier to find.

    1) First of all, check that your Vita is linked with a PSN account. You can do this By going to Settings -> PSN.

    2) If your Vita isn't linked with a PSN account, then proceed to step 3. If it is, then go to step 4.

    3a) Reboot your vita into safe mode. (Shut down, then "PS Button + Power Button + R Button all held down").

    3b) Choose "Restore the PS Vita System". The proceed to link your PSN account through the setup process.

    4) When all ready, Boot up your PS3. Make sure no apps are running on there! (Also make sure your PS3 has PS Store access and the same PSN account as you used to link your Vita with.)

    5) Back on your Vita, connect the USB cable to your PC and start QCMA. When your Vita is successfully recognised and ready to transfer stuff, disconnect the cable and DON'T CLICK OFF OF THE ERROR MESSAGE!

    6) Connect your Vita to the PS3 and wait for the prompt on your PS3 to appear. Now click off of the error message on your Vita and click on the "PS3" connection option.

    7) Now it should bypass the update nag! Now transfer any content from your PS3 to your Vita to automatically activate it, and you should be good to go!!

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  3. wiiando

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    Dec 28, 2008
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    Thanks for that, the issue was the vita not having my account on along with the update.

    Couldn't get step 5-7 to work, so I disabled wifi and put it into airplane mode and rebooted, transferred the demos with no issue
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