Visual Boy Advance version 2.1.0 was released!

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    VBA-M version 2.1.0 was released

    Hey everyone,

    New release of vba-m is now officially out. This release solves issue #255 where there was a security vulnerability found in the elf parser.

    Rather than try to explain it myself, I’ll just copy and paste the issue.

    It should explain the issue it could potentially cause. Now keep in mind the flags we used for our release builds help mitigate the issue before we knew of the issue, but it was still an issue that needed to be fix and special thanks to zzazzdzz on github who pointed out the issue, it was able to be fixed.

    Change Log!

    Download it here! :download: and

    Enjoy the games! :gba: Any bugs? Please visit VBA-M forums here!
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