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    Dec 21, 2013
    Hey I played 999 a few months ago and basically played it wrong.

    I only played for one ending, then I ended up you tubing the other endings.

    Is that sufficient background experience for playing VLR?
    Also, this time round how many replays of VLR are necessary? I found re-doing the puzzles in 999 tedious hence just you tubing endings. Is that fixed this time round or is each path more unique?

    No spoilers please, Really looking forward to playing this title.
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    If you know the main (true) ending of 999, and have an idea of the rest of them, it should suffice.
    In VLR you can skip everything you have already done in previous playthroughs if you want, you can "teleport" to specific events/times you have visited (branch points), so you don't need to repeat the same things once and again.
    Also you have a beautiful graphical tree kind of graph ingame showing the branches you have already taken, so you can see easily what you are still missing and where you should go for it.

    PS: (kind of spoiler)
    How to tag something as spoiler in Gbatemp?
    No idea, no spoiler here.
  3. fischermasamune

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    Aug 6, 2013
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    And if you prefer not to navigate the possibilities tree, you still can re-solve any room very easily using a code you get the first time you escape from it.

    Just go ahead and buy the game.

    The bad thing about the series is that the third game (which completes the trilogy) is delayed indefinitely (since 999 and VLR didn't sell that well). At least I hope someday we'll be able to play it.
  4. ChaosBoi

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    So long as you have a good understanding of 999's plot, then you won't be missing much in VLR.

    As said, you can basically jump to certain points of the game if you had already been there, by using the game's flowchart feature. Also, when you've solved a puzzle, you are provided a code to escape the room (it's random in each game). In this game, there are several locked paths where you have to play through a different path before you can proceed. Also, I believe you have to obtain all nine character endings in order to truly finish the game, but it's not as tedious this time around because they are all pretty unique instead of repeating the same puzzles over and over.