Vindicating the Crown: The Crown3ds/Gateway Connection

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    Hi, first off DO NOT go to the old Crown3ds dot com URL, it redirects to spam.

    In celebration of the continued excellence of the glorious Team Gateway, I would like to revisit a theory; is Team Gateway the often mocked and spat-upon Team Crown3ds ?

    Still viewed as vaporware, the Crown3ds proof-of-concept was demonstrated on youtube:

    Bullshit? The majority cry yay. I dare challenge this popular notion. I finally found this thread from June 2k13 which I posted evidence provided by Another World and whofan (from a different thread.) Here is the link to the old thread,

    And here is the evidence I posted there (click for larger view)

    All hail Team Gateway, bringers of a gift so precious, only for those with the 4.5.

    It would be a shame to see the hidden heritage remain tarnished. That is the point of this thread; to at least question the historical account.
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    I think in that video it was just fake m8 he was just using the Splinter Cell insides for it too look good and work, there was something released a while back were you apparently could use back ups but it was found out it was just the insides of a 3DS cartridge that was being used. I don't think crown had anything to do with GW.
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    the person behind Crown3DS was a GBATemp member, and they already admitted that it's a "social experiment"

    It's just not vapor ware, it's an intentional hoax. There was a thread before where someone tracked down who owned the Crown3DS website.
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    i think your thinking of the silly K3DS someone made, probably a mocking of the crown3DS stuff, but i think its clear crown3ds isnt gateway......see no painted nails :P
  5. Abcdfv

    Abcdfv What comes around goes around.

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    Ah yeah you're right, my mistake. I just woke up and they both use the same logo