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  1. Chinagami

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    Mar 14, 2009
    this is for moonshell videos
    as i am not sure where to post moonshell topics, i posted it here...

    if your not old enough (18+) or w/e the age in your country is... leave this page immediately! [​IMG]


    ever wanted pron on ur ds? [​IMG]
    well... i have found a way to get ANY video (only from the website) to your DS [​IMG]
    google pron (spelt properly) and the first link should be pron hub. -choose ANY video from that site-
    go to http://fedhz.com/pornhub-flv-downloader/#pornhublink and click "click here to enter your link". Then post your link into there. get the new link and copy it.
    go to http://media-convert.com/ and press "conversion from url"
    Then post ur link in the file box and go down to the output format.
    DPG>FPS 15>resize to DS> rename to w/e you want
    Press OK... wait for it to load... and then download it (should be beside a little green box)
    *If it says it doesnt work (the downlaod rate is too slow or something like that), try it again, happend to me the first time*

    Save and transfer [​IMG]

    ahahahah. is this even allowed? i mean, posting this, not the fact that your putting pron on ds...?
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    No, this isn't allowed, as we have many many members that are under-aged..
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