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Nov 19, 2008
Coventry, UK
I'm customising my Moonshell v 1.71 (I don't like moonshell 2, long story) by adding some voice clips for the startup/shutdown sound effects. I've got my startup clip playing perfectly (ADA from Zone Of The Enders 2nd Runner saying 'good morning, ready for combat operation' for a laugh) but I can't remember what I have to rename the other file to get it to play when I soft reset. There's no such file in my current moonshell folder, it's silent when it shuts down. What does the file have to be called in order for it to be recognised as part of the moonshell program and thus play when I power down the system? I had it working before but I can't remember what the file name is supposed to be.

Also, a thought occurs for the most hilarious wind-up ever. Is it possible to program something like Moonshell to respond to voice commands? IE: train the system to respond to my voice by accessing various files such as sound files, thus allowing me to trick the kid across the road by having a 'conversation' with my DS when it responds to my voice with a voice of its own? He's always bragging about the features on his flash card because he actually bothers to look for the latest homebrews, etc. Could this be done, perhaps by making use of the existing technology in Nintendogs, to thoroughly shut him up once and for all?

Thinking on it, you could have an entirely voice controlled DS menu. Accesses all your files on command. That'd be a great homebrew.

EDIT: never mind about the file name, turns out I had it right with a wild guess, I was just pressing the wrong button. Doy....

Anyone else think the voice control idea is possible though?

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