1. Akerhage

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    Feb 13, 2012
    I have downloaded Vba Gx to my wii and some pokemon games. When pressing the "home"-button on the remote there are options to save. If I create a new save and then try to load it, the game starts from the very beginning. Is this a common behaviour?

    If I do save a "snapshot" it seems that I can load the game from that state. Is this the correct way to save maybe?

    Also, Nintendo DS Emulator, that one isnt really able to run on the wii I presume? Games seems to be running extremly slow and un-playable. Is the wii hardware not strong enough to run those games?

    My GF wants to play pokemon, which pokemon games should I get for her? :)
  2. Tantric

    Tantric GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 8, 2007
    This may be a bit confusing to explain but...

    For the RAM save option, you need to save in the game first. That option is just capturing the in-game memory, emulating how the real GBA works. Just like on the GBA, if you don't save in-game, you'll lose your progress. Which is why people like to have the snapshot option, which is like closing the lid on your GBA without shutting it off.
  3. boomario

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Lets put in parts:

    1° What you trying to save at first probably its SRAM save (or something like), that one normal users don't need to care about.
    2° The Snapshot save its same as Save State, so it will save/load in EXACTLY the part you did that last time.
    3° Also you can use normal game save, in menu, its works as well...
    4° The Wii Hardware can't handle DS emulators, so its better you forget that, at least for a while.
    5° For GBA pokémons i recommend Firered/Leafgreen (Its basically same game), Ruby/Sapphire, or even Emerald (if i recall correctly its a ruby/sapphire remake)

    If i said something wrong please tell me :lol:
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