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    Hi guys,

    I would like to softmod my Wii (4.2e with a DriveKey chip installed), but I would also like to make sure that I can revert to "virgin" state later on if I regret, or want to update the Wii System Menu to a newer version at a later stage.

    Some questions, which I hope you can help answering:

    1. When running HackMii, is there any point in installing BootMii if I can't do it as Boot2 (only as IOS)?

    2. Do I need DVDX for anything else than playback of movie DVDs? Do disc loaders use it for loading games? Do I need it at all when I have a modchip (DriveKey) installed?

    3. Right after installing HBC, how do I get a list of the versions of all my IOS files on my system before starting any downgrading etc.? (Is there any homebrew proggy that can list this for me, and possibly export the list to the SD card?)

    4. Let's say I do some IOS patching with Trucha Bug Restorer (patch IOS15, patch IOS36, restore IOS15), can I then restore IOS36 to normal at a later stage? E.g. by using the patched IOS36 to run DOP IOS Mod, and then use this program to restore/unpatch IOS36 - or would this conflict with DOP IOS Mod actually run on this IOS?!!

    5. I can see that PreLoader 0.29 has been modded by various people and released in various versions to work under Wii system menu 4.2. Would it be a good thing to install this program in terms of safety net in case of a brick (from a bad WAD/channel etc)? What version out there should I go for? And how do I get rid of the program if I want to revert to virgin state later on?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    / CoNS
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    1. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use recover from bricks using Bootmii as an IOS. I'd still suggest installing it, as you could still bring back the Trucha bug should Trucha Bug Restorer cease to function.
    2. Loaders do not use DVDx for game loading; they use a cIOS.
    3. Title Lister (This will create a list of every title installed on your Wii, including the IOSes, System Menu, channels...)
    4. If you wish to restore IOS36, you would need to use another IOS (i.e.- IOS37).
    5. I would not suggest Preloader 0.29; Priiloader is shaping up to be the future of Preloader.
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    you could try IOScheck or signcheck from wiibrew to check what IOS's and the version numbers and i think they both output a file to your sd listing the IOS's and if there trucha'd or have nand access and a few others