Valkyrie Drive:Bhikkhuni (EU) GoHanMem codes/editing

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    So this is going to be a rather complicated post. The Data shifted a letter after I assume making it past a certain point in the story or clearing it. I left most of it in a do it yourself tutorial as I'm not sure how well a flat out code list may work for other people. Also, the Lingerie Printer % success is something you'll definitely have to do some work on.

    Valkyrie Drive:Bhikkhuni(EU)(PCSB01011) kinda codes

    Picture of Levels Table: Green- Liberator&Extar || Light Blue - Where to put Affection Exp. I think 60k would get you from 0 or 1 to 120
    Easy Levels

    Cash & Heart Catch: Green- Heart Catch Tickets || Light Blue- #Of Heart Catch played || Yellow - cash moneys
    Easy Heart Catchx100 Trophy

    Vault -> Some of the Battle Records, Enemy Kill counts, and $$ spent on Lingerie Printer.
    Sadly, the 100 nekkids trophy count does not show up, and it's mind numbingly boring to farm.
    Orange/Top Right is $$ spent on Lingerie Printer, 1mil for trophy, and the light blue at the bottom is individual enemy kills.
    Vault not 101

    This next part is the most work, making sure you always have a 100% chance on the Lingerie Printer, but it beats the heck out of 1% or 2% RNG for hours.

    What you want to do is place a bet of 7600BP on the Printer, search 81A00000-8C4BFFFF(Block10+) and pick result #6/last
    Printer Search
    You should see roughly this. It is a pic of having a bet of 7600(green), 0/100 acquired, and 100% chance(red) for a new one.
    LP Page
    This next pic is a bet of 100(green), 1/100 acquired(blue), and 99% chance(red) of a new one.
    LP Headache

    Now the fun part, figure out what /your/ red box happens to be(1.x Billion), and write that down. Make note of the address also. Do a custom search(or searches) of your 1.x billion until that address shows up for selection. Head down to the Change To box of GoHanMem, and put 1120403456(42C80000). Highlight your memory address result, press Square to lock, profit.

    There is a trophy for spending 1 million on the Lingerie Printer. Giving yourself a hefty ransom and placing the max bet of 9900 each time would only take you 102 rounds to get that trophy, and there's 100 lingerie. Or you can modify it on top of the Vault Total Exp acquired.

    As a side note - locking this value you can get all 100 in 100 tries, even if you place the minimum bet of 100, and hit the no bonus zone each time.
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    Felt like updating this just because it's been nagging me.

    1) Where i listed codes and mentioned 82AB & 82BD both being possibilities, the game just seems to flip-flop between the two at random. Went full circle by the time i finished playing so to speak.

    2) For manipulating the printer success do it on a fresh app run. If you've been playing for a couple hours you'll wind up with 60+ results instead of 6.

    3) You can set you character & drive levels to 255 and see crazy stats but that will do nothing for you in actual gameplay. Still get rekt by advanced and hell challenge fights. Probably shows you what you're up against tho, have ~1500hp i think at max level and on my battle result against final Rinka I took over 25k damage. Good times >.>b
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    Nice work, do you have a list of cheats like money and potions? Or is it all hex searching in gohanmem?
    Edit: ok i just read the first lines, that answered my question :)
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    Nice work, your hard work are kindly appreciated.
    Do you have the cheat where you can force max hit their torso and/or bottom from dressing room without being kicked out and clothes from battle with some sort of in game shortcut combinations?