Ustealth on Flashair Wifi Card

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  1. kimmy2000

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    Apr 10, 2016
    Just a quick question, those that have a Flashair card, has anyone successfully got UStealth working on it and still able to access the files?

    I just tried it on my Flashair card, UStealth hides the card fine, so no format lag on Wii U, but I cant load the host files? Just seeing if anyone got it working, and if so how its done. I know it works fine on a Ezshare card, so just seeing if its something I'm doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance
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    Mar 17, 2010
    UStealth is made for external HDDs, because they cause the Wii U to prompt to format. SD cards don't do this (they only work in Wii mode anyways) so why are you using UStealth on it? UStealth actually messes with the partition table, which is probably causing the Flashair firmware not to see the partition. There's no reason to use it on SD cards.
  3. kimmy2000

    kimmy2000 Member

    Apr 10, 2016
    I'm using the USB slot to power the Flashair card, so its plugged into the USB port of the Wii U via a SD to USB adapter.

    I know I don't have to use the Wii U to power the card, but I just wanted to keep all the things together in a sense I guess.

    I know some users has done this on a EZshare card and it works fine, so I'm just seeing if anyone had it working on a Flashair card.
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