Using Sony Memory Card + SD2Vita for ux0

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    May 18, 2019
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    I just want to share something that I did and it worked pretty well.

    I've just downgraded my Vita from 3.7 to 3.68 so I can use the SD2Vita card with a 64GB microSD. Since I have a 16GB Sony memory card as well, I wanted to fill both cards with games and ROMs.

    So this is what I did:

    - Copied the content of my Sony memory card to the SD2Vita card
    - Used NoPayStation to download PSVita, PSP and PS1 games
    - Copied PSP, PS1 and big size PSVita games to the SD2Vita (64 Gb)
    - Copied small size Vita games to the Official Memory Card

    So that way I can both cards filled with games (that I won't ever have time to play ever anyway).

    By default, I set ux0 as Official Memory Card and SD2VITA as USB Port. That way, I can have access to most of my Vita games and since Adrenaline can access the SD2Vita, have access to all the PSP and PS1 games.

    When I want to play any of the bigger PSVita games that are in the SD2Vita, I just change the settings on Autoplugin. Here's an overview:

    Autoplugin > Plugins for Vita > Configure Plugin fo SD2Vita

    Scenario 1: Access small size Vita games on Official Memory Card

    MDC (Official Memory Card): ux0 (LiveArea Applications)
    GCD (SD2VITA): uma0 (USB Port)
    Scenario 2: Access big size Vita games on SD2Vita

    MDC (Official Memory Card): uma0 (USB Port)
    GCD (SD2VITA): ux0 (LiveArea Applications)​

    Yes, you will need to restart the device every time you do this. Don't forget to copy all the contents from your Official Memory Card to the SD2Vita to make sure you'll have access to all the homebrew (Adrenaline, Vitashell, Autoplugin, h-encore).

    I hope this might help anybody in doubt.

    If anyone had done this before and got issues with it, please let me know so I'll stop doing too, haha.