Using quantum computers to bruteforce keys?

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    Before anyone calls me an idiot, yes I don't know much about computers.

    To my understanding quantum computers are way faster than anything we have available right now. Does this mean that when quantum computers become a thing we'll be able to bruteforce any pre-quantum console's keys in days rather than years? And once we obtain these keys we can install anything we can imagine on the console?

    Or maybe all the hackers out there think it's more fun to hack consoles the hard way rather than wait patiently for supercomputers to come out and bruteforce the shit out of everything.
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    ...*aims at my own head* *fires*

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    by that point keys will be that much more complicated
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    Quantum computers wort come out for years, and by the time they come out, we would have like the 25th gen consoles
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    shut up and let me get back into my fdvrmmo dammit, this new sao beta game is great ;)
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    They are a thing, you can even rent computing power on them.
    I don't know much about quantum computers, but the LTT video that was posted not long ago said something like, regular computers have to try one solution at a time whereas quantum computing can look at all at them at the same time.
    I'm not sure how accurate that is, but anyway, while it's not suitable for many things, mass calculations like this sounds like exactly the sort of thing quantum computers are good at.
    Edit: Here's the video
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    Oct 29, 2014
    Quantum computers will be (whenever that might be) the next step into computing, and yes, they are thought to get all solutions at once, like in hacking a password or a hash in just one step, as they would try all possible combinations at once. There are even some algorithms developed, but none are usable with the current computing model (a model really old, and somewhat obsolete).

    I'm guessing that when quantum computers become a reality, most game console developers would create a console using that computing model just to release a "new" improved version of whatever game they released on the previous console generation and sell it as something "new and innovative".

    Not wrong, but something can't be and wait to become at the same time.