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Oct 10, 2009
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is this practical or is it even worth using 2 micro sd cards with the switch? considering the 1TB cards are like $400, it's well beyond my budget. I know you can archive games to remove them from the home menu, but does that only apply to the new card you've inserted or will an archived game not show up on either card? does that make sense? I want to use two cards, but I don't want the games from the 1st card to clutter up the home menu when using the second card. is it possible to have only the games that are on that particular card appear? I think they're indexed on the system, so I'm assuming you can't do that.

edit: I think I got confused. archiving deletes the game, but the image and the ability to redownload from the home menu are present. I thought it just deleted the game from appearing. the only other option is to delete the game(s). will games be stored on the internal flash if the entire micro sd card is filled up? I know you can't transfer between them, which is stupid.
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