Using 18650 "protected" batteries in mod

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    Feb 28, 2014
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    I'm sure this topic has been addressed somewhere, however, the only information I can find suggests that 18650 lithiums will work to power a psp, but you'll want to use a voltage regulator.

    What I wish to know is this; if an 18650 battery purports to have built in protection - say, like this one: - does that circumvent the need for the external regulator? Logically, I know it -should-, but I have read where the psp won't utilize aftermarket rechargeable cells if it doesn't have the specific battery chip extant in "made for psp" batteries. I do have one of these chips, as it happens, since I let an off brand sit in the heat too long, and summarily bloat up: just didn't think the regulator should go to waste :).

    Anyway, so would I be fine running these protected batteries, and be able to charge them through the psp, or would I still need to use the external regulator?

    Thanks in advance!