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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by gllt, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    Well, I was wondering what other people thought might be useful tools or channels for the Wii.
    Since developing is done in spare time and for free by anybody with the knowledge and boredom, you can't exactly request anything. Which is all fine and dandy since it is free, there's no room for complaint there!
    But there surely isn't a barrier keeping us away from speculation is there? :V
    Since everyone has different thoughts and needs, perhaps putting ideas out there might spark interest or conversation towards new ideas for development.
    Or it could just be fun.

    And we're already past the whole ISO loader thing and even 3.3 downgrading so it's not like anyone can ask for anything entirely stupid that's not already accomplished by now! (in before xbox emulator and/or develop it yourself)

    one last time to make it clear SPECULATION THREAD

    The things I have on my mind right now are;

    - Tool that lets you load and and run python scripts (non-graphical), since I do believe that python has been ported to the Wii. (Could be file-manager and load or just auto-load or something. Cute for terminal stuff?)

    - Ocarina cheat engine code manager tool for the Wii. (sd://code_db/ would contain GAMEID.txt files. Codemgr for Wii opens the one you pick, lets you choose your cheats, and exports to sd://codes/GAMEID.cht)

    - USB, SD, SDHC, DVD-ROM supporting File Manager. (Copy from DVD and perhaps Wii, Copy/Write to/from USB/SD/SDHC.)

    - Archiver. (7z, etc.)

    - X Server through WiFi/Eth? (Out there idea, because Wii not running an OS with graphics is due to X being so large, but could a slim X server by itself be implemented so that you could simple use the Wii for a display to the TV from a box? XFree86? XFast? XGGI?)

    - Diagnostic/Stress test tool? (hey, why not.)

    - Wiki

    - Imageboard

    - telnet that just connects to the starwars in ASCII thing

    - IPV6 lol I DUNNO

    - Screensaver (wiisaver, eh maybe someone can just make an aquarium with fish or something)

    - Apophysis Fractal Flame Renderer (naw thats too hard and would probably be slow, or just port the screensaver version and use low settings THAT WOULD BE NEAT IN BEFORE ELECTRIC SHEEP)
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    Sep 19, 2008
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    always wanted a EASY BANNER INJECTION say to convert a TIFF,Gif or even PNG BMP file to banner with a injector! MORE OVER USER FRIENDLY BRICK PROOF before ANY release...

    making and testing banners can be a bit scary i just wish there were a tool like AutoInjectaBanner! LOL THAT would be useful!


    seems the psp scene is just FULL of gr8 Lua games,applications and other usefull LUA scripts I think it would be gr8 to see a PSP LUA script read of some kind for the wii!

    Super Mario War PORT!
    This is a homebrew game that for me sets the standard for quality and gameplay of a classic brew! Super Mario War is a open source game that has graced other consoles via Ports (xbox,dreamcast,DS,PSP,PC) and i think it will be a real shame for the wiiscene if they miss out on a good SMW port! This game has TONS of mods, player skins, extra levels and replay ability.

    Open BOR PORT

    Another classic Homebrew Port wii has yet to enjoy this game has well over 200 versions/mods and is a "classic retro beat'em up" some call it a "clone engine" of Streats Of Rage but it is so much more than that with the infinite replay value provided by its HUGE FAN BASE!.

    Others that COULD be ported:
    NO$GBA NDS emulator for windows on Wii! with pointing device! imagen that! (wii has the power to push it as well as the Xbox could)

    Metal blob solid,Quake 3, a jedi academy port, (i would say rick dangerous but someone did actually port that recently!)
  3. linkinworm

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    May 30, 2008
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    id like to see wifi elf/dol loading from the main menu

    camera app for something

    vnc style support to play wii over wifi on your pc maybe

  4. 20clarky08

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    Oct 29, 2008
    linkinworm am with you on the Xkai idea...

    xkai made the xbox with XBMC such a hit in my eyes..