Use different Ram speed + Brands? (DDR4)

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    As of right now, I have a Hyper X 8gb 2133 DDR4 2133, and I'm getting an Ripjaws 16 gb 2800 soon tomorrow. Now Will I have stability issues such as BSOD if I combined the two since I have different speeds and such?
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    Sep 19, 2013
    there shouldn't be a problem.
    i never cared about matching similair sticks in ddr2, never had issues that were related with the ram stick (but once i put a third faulty stick the BSOD and weird issues happened)
    obviously you will not get the best performance, and maybe you won't get dual channel (i am not sure about the dual channel thing) and both will work at the slower speed
    keep in mind, the mhz doesn't mean much, without the CAS latencies

    PS: unless you have an Extreme chipset (like the x99) you should be ok.. i always hear the extreme range is very picky
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    the higher end ram will simply downclock its self to match the slower ram
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