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    Was looking around and saw a mod of usblgx rev 1261 and wondered if there was a safe/simple way to do this to rev 1268. I tried it originally and it ended up creating a 127mb partition on my hdd what took a lot of time to get rid of and re-format for some reason and made nintendont unusable because it wasnt the first primary fat32 partition. So anyways, I was just wondering if theres something i should've done that i didn't do or vice-versa that wuld eventually lead to this plugin mod working.

    Edit:link wasn't working at first
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    the link isnt working at all for some reason, heres the dry url:

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    oh okay now the link decides to work lmao sorry
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    i have know idea why it would have done that to your drive and its the first i ever heard of it doing that.

    i have been wanting to update it to r1268 but I've been busy with wiiflow lite and now the holidays are hear so i have even less time. hang in there shortly after the holidays i should have more time.
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    if you update it, use my 1268mod4 (or wait for 1269).
    greywolf updated 1268 to compile on devkitppc 31 (or newer, I don't remember), but he changed a lot of things like libraries location. I don't know if I need to do the same.
    I'll see about devkitpro after 1269.

    homebroob: as for your partition problem, I don't know what happened. The loader is not making any partitions, it needs FAT32 (same as nintendont) so there's no reason to make it otherwise.
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