USB TV Tuner For PC .help?

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    hello guys i am living in aus,queensland and have a pc with xp and am looking to watch tv on it analogue and digital .eg.Channel 7,10,9,ABC,7MATE,7TWO,ONE,ELEVEn...etc it is called freeview here i am looking for a tv tuner 50 dollars or under for watching these shows..i would like to record as well doesnt have to be dual just like if theres a show on past a certain and i feel to tired i set it to record that show at that time leave my computer on and go to bed... i do have a tv aerial that plugs into a set top box or directly into tv if needed for reception into the usb antenna or sumthing like that.....i was looking at the following :

    but am not sure...any help greatly appreciated and i thank you in advance