Usb Loader GX Parental controls not working

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    Sep 3, 2016
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    been google searching this for a while and have gotten no good answers. how to I get parental controls to work in USB Loader GX because whenever I set the controls it still allows access to all the games no matter what setting I set so it is literally not working at all but it will lock me out of settings and stuff just not games does anyone know what could be the problem or what I may be missing? also if you need any information from me that will help I can provide it also am using the latest version of USBLoaderGX r1260. I have a feeling I am missing a setting somewhere or a file or something.
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    Sep 3, 2015
    As far as i know, the parental control only locks the features that could affects loads and iso. With the parental control your kids can't actually edit games, only the display of game. You can edit certainly the type of the game ( action , adventure, party) for your games. Uncheck the category could solve the problem!

    Hope it helped!
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    Finally solved the problem went into the program settings and update then updated wiitdb files and all the mature rated games went away. why is not written down somewhere as a prerequisite for parental controls to actually work properly?
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    because you can set your own parental level to each games.
    if you go to the game settings, there's a "parental level" you can edit.
    so, you can even set a different level than the default from gametdb.

    But you are right, it's missing a lot of explanations. the loader can certainly do things that users don't know.
    We used to have a readme, but it was very old (before 2.x), nobody maintained it.
    We tried to make a Wiki with proper guide to explain how to setup and use the loader, but it took too much time to write and we never completed it.

    ahh, just an information about parental control.
    there is a bug with parental level for channels installed on realNAND.
    The channels are loaded before wiitdb.xml is loaded, and a default parental level is assigned to these titles.
    When Wiitdb is loaded, it detects that the game already has a parental level (that you could have set manually, for example) so it doesn't overwrite it with the real value.
    I have to fix this, but didn't had time to do it.
    As a work around, you can set the parental level manually for each installed channels. the level will be stored in the game settings and should be loaded early. (I hope. I have to re-check the sources).