USB Loader GX-Parental Control related

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    Jul 24, 2015
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    Hi guys,firstly wanna say thanks as i have heavily relied on searching through older threads to get all the modding done.

    I'm writing this however because i couldn't find an answer.I'm just putting the finishing touchs on the Wii which im intending to let my son have.Thing is my son is autistic and very inquisitive (likes getting into things he shouldn't and figuring out things by changing settings and all that kind of stuff and so i need to prevent him from touching stuff he shouldn't as he doesn't always stick to what i am telling him)

    As such im using USB Loader GX and it's parental control functions which are really well implemented but (unless ive missed an option,which i may have done) their appears to be a flaw.

    Basically i want to prevent access to any options etc which will let him make some kind of major alteration and dont want him to be able to get to HBC and for the most part i've managed that using the options under parental controls.He can't access the options etc and thats great and likewise the lower right icon for access to HBC is removed when the lock is on,However, when you press the home button on the wii remote you can still access the option to either go to HBC or the Wii menu-Is there a way to lock access to return to HBC?

    I'm using the highest level of control with the most up to date version of USB Loader GX and my cios is d2x beta52 v10 (which im pretty sure means ive got full access to all the extras of USB Loader GX)

    Thank you in advance.