USB Loader Gx "loading config files"

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  1. USB loader gx crashes when it reaches loading config files. By crash I mean it freezes at that screen. I think this happened when I initially set it up, but that was a long time ago and I can't remember how to fix it. What can I do?
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    try deleting the config files.
    they are located at two possible places :

    SD (or USB):/config/ <-- this is the old place, it's loading from this place in priority
    SD (or USB):/apps/usbloader_gx/ <-- this is the new place. it's now loading and saving in the loader's folder, if there's nothing in /config/

    Delete the "GXGlobal.cfg" file
  3. It worked! Not that I doubted you, but I have bad luck with my Wii a lot of the time. Thanks a lot