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    so i've been trying to transfer my games that are WBFS format from a WBFS harddrive to a fat32 harddrive. i'm on a mac so i can't use Wii Backup Manager to have the folders done for me with this program. i am using witgui to rip the WBFS games from my WBFS formatted harddrive to my fat32 harddrive but this program doesn't make the folders for me. i was wondering if someone could tell me what the folder layout would be.

    example: if i wanted to place Boom Blox that is WBFS format from my WBFS harddrive to my fat32 harddrive:

    - would i need to rename the WBFS file to RBKE69.wbfs?
    - would the folder paths be: wbfs/RBKE69/RBKE69.wbfs?

    as i said above, i can't use Wii Backup Manager because i'm on a mac and there isn't a version that is compatible with mac.

    thanks in advance
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    There are different possibilities.

    this format should work :
    wbfs/RBKE69/RBKE69.wbfs <--- Not sure 100%

    You can use this :

    But these two formats are not easy to know which games are the files on your drive if you don't know the ID.
    So it's better to also put a Game Title in the folder's name.

    You can also use this :
    wbfs/Bloom Box [RBKE69]/RBKE69.wbfs <--- Recommended It's the path and filename used when dumping a game from the loader. insert a disc -> install -> it will copy the Disc to this format.

    or this format :
    wbfs/RBKE69_Bloom Box/RBKE69.wbfs

    Adding the game's title in the path is easier for you to see what game you have on your drive.
    If you have titles in the path, USBLoaderGX will use that Title as "Game title" displayed in the loader.
    If you don't use titles in the folder, USBLoaderGX wil use the internal title (the one located inside the ISO), but it's not always correct : wii Play = PARTY PACK for REVOLUTION

    In all cases, when inside the loader, you can use titles from instead of using the one inside the ISO or in your path :
    Settings > update > Wiitdb
    Settings > features > Use Wiitdb titles
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    thanks! it works :lol: i appreciate your help!