USB Loader GX does not recognize disk 2 game

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    I am trying to run Tales of Symphonia's disk 2 iso, but the option to load disk 2 via the menu is not present.

    Searching through other threads, it is said to remove the disk 1 folder in /games and repace it with the disk 2 one, in the case where both games have the same ID.

    Whenever I did this, the game dissapeared from the menu entirely.
    As an example, when both the disk 1 and 2 folders are in /games, I have GQSEAF (The disk two folder) labeled "GQSEAF", the game's normal ID, and have the disk one folder labeled "GQSEAF (Disk 1)". In this case, USB loader GX loads disk one.
    When I have the disk 2 folder named "GQSEAF (Disk 2)" and the disk 1 folder named "GQSEAF", USB loader GX obviously loads disk one again.
    The real issue here is that when the disk 2 folder (Labeled "GQSEAF") is alone in /games, there is NO option to load the game.

    How can I get USB loader GX to load the second disk by itself?

    I am using version 3.0 r1239, with DIOS MIOS lite 2.10 (at least, I think. the credits only say DIOS MIOS 2.10, but the game loading options only shows DIOS MIOS lite as the only DIOS MIOS option.)
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    hmm, lot of wrong information here.

    First, it depend which Gamecube loader you want to use.
    DIOS MIOS and Nintendont use the same format.
    Devolution use another one.

    If you use USBLoaderGX, the format used by DM/Nintendont is also applied automatically to Devolution, so you should follow this layout for ALL your 2 disc games:

    /games/Tales of symphonia [GQSEAF]/game.iso
    /games/Tales of symphonia [GQSEAF]/disc2.iso

    The filename MUST be "game.iso" (not the game's title, but the 4 letters G + A + M + E), the second fisc MUST be named "disc2.iso".
    Both ISO need to be located in the same folder.

    If you dump your retail disc using USBLoaderGX, they will be placed automatically in the same folder and named correctly.

    Now about the prompts :
    If you are in USBLoaderGX 1246 (or newer), there's a setting to ask you if you want to see "which disc to boot first? disc1 or disc2".
    by default, that setting is set to OFF, as all Gamecube loaders manage the disc swap automatically.

    In Devolution : press the eject button when it asks to swap.
    In DIOS MIOS and Nintendont : You don't need to do anything, it's auto-swapped.

    If the credit says "DIOS MIOS" then you don't have DIOS MIOS Lite installed.
    the detection is working correctly.
    The "setting titles" are not adapted based on your current installed gamecube loader version.
    What's important is the version detected in the credit.
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    Jun 30, 2015
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    Alright, I made it so that GQSEAF has "game.iso" and "disk2.iso", but none of the loaders switch over to disk 2 correctly.

    DIOS MIOS loads disk 1 correctly, then when the game checks for disk 2, my wii sounds like it's changing disks automatically, so DIOS MIOS presumably is as well, however, I only see a black screen, and I need to turn off my wii.

    Nintendon't also loads disk 1 correctly, but the game freezes before it gets a chance to check to change disks (specifically on the "open disk cover and replace tales of symphonia disk 1 with disk 2..." screen, but before the "checking disk" screen, the one that DIOS MIOS changes disks on), so Nintendon't does not get to automatically switch.

    Devolution fails to load the game entirely every time I try it, and it fails to load multiple games, not just this.

    So it seems that I have solved my original problem (thank you for that by the way), but a new problem has come up, in that disk 2 will not load.

    Also, I've now updated USB loader GX to 1246 (but whenever I enable the multi disk prompt it never appears), Devolution 253, and Nintendont 3.349.