Usb conflicts with Vwii and WiiU menu

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    Dec 16, 2015
    so I have issues with some homebrews on vwii, such as nintendont and all emulators when both of my "vwii usb stick" and wiiu usb stick are plugged in. The vwii usb simply isnt detected. I tried to use Ustealth which prevents the wiiu menu message "you can only have one usb hard drive blahblah" to appear but all vwii hombrews wont detect the vwii usb until the wiiu us is unplugged (EXCEPT usb loader gx which works perfectly fine no matter what).
    Any solutions? Nintendont and emulators cant be patched to work fine just like usb loader gx? thanks.
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    Nintendon't does not support multiple USB drives. Use the internal WiiU SD card slot for your GC games and USB for WII games if you use USBLoaderGX. In the setings of USBLoaderGX change the GC path to the SD slot. Not sure about emulators as I do not use any.