Uploading and Downloading without using PC

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    My mom does not use the PC very much. When she does, she does download torrents and etc, but right when they're done, she doesn't seed. (Maybe that's a bad thing, but anyway, haha)
    She DOES stream quite a bit, and she does make phone calls using the internet for business. (works from home.)

    So here's some info:

    On a day where she admitted she did a lot of streaming, Download was 16 gigs, Upload was 0.9 gigs. .
    She also made phone calls for work one day, and her upload was 13 gigs and her download was under 1 gig as well. (However, she ALSO did phone calls the day she was streaming. . confusing. . )

    ANYWAY, On top of all of that, yesterday (Saturday Jan.29th,) she said she did not touch the PC at all, and she ended up with 3 gigs of upload and 2 gigs of download. . . .

    Her router IS protected with a passcode, so we're just wondering a few things.

    What can attribute to uploading and downloading? She does have an iPod Touch which she uses WiFi, but not that much. . . She does stream, and we're wondering if making calls online would affect upload more than download, or vice-versa.

    Thanks in advance, guys. [​IMG]
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    Find out when the time starts for each day. Some ISPs start from midnight, some start from 4-8AM. It could be the case, for instance, that the PC was used until 2AM and did a lot of activity in those 2 hours (assuming the "new day" starts at midnight). It could also be the case that a smartphone is connected through WiFi and used some bandwidth too.