Updating 4.2U to re-enable hax

Discussion in 'Wii - Hardware, Devices and Utilities' started by Radirgy Knight, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Radirgy Knight

    Radirgy Knight Member

    Sep 11, 2007
    United States
    Hey hey,

    tried to downgrade Wii from 4.2U to a safer 4.2U but WAD Manager keeps crashing whenever I choose IOS 249 to load a .WAD with a chip loader.

    Any idea as to why my gf's Wii doesn't work? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hatsu

    Hatsu Someone's been killing, eh?

    Oct 19, 2009
    __________________ Warn: 50%
    Choose IOS 250
  3. rdurbin

    rdurbin GBAtemp Fan

    Sep 13, 2006
    United States
    actually downgrading is not needed, this is what i do with 4.2, already have done it with like 5 wii

    1)use the correct bannerbomb for your wii to installer homebrew channel and dvdx
    2)open trucha bug restorer, choose to not reload ios, just hit B
    3)choose to downgrade ios15, the program will close when finished
    4)open trucha bug restore again, but this time choose ios15 and install patched ios36, program will prob close again
    5)reopen trucha yet again and restore ios15 back
    6)use anytitle deleter to remove IOS249, 222,223,254 (dont remove 70 if your on 4.2)
    7)use cios38 rev14 and install it using ios 36 (or use whatever cios you want, but that what i used)
    8)use dop-ios mod using ios 249 to install patched ios 70 (optional)

    can now use just about anything you want on 4.2, you will need to setup wii on internet to download the needed files

    basically 4.2 will behave just like 4.1 if you do step #6 correctly, just dont un-install ios 70, also on step 6 remove those IOS only if dop-ios reports them as stubs, which they should be on new 4.2u, step 8 is only really needed if you want to play files from sd card using the sd card menu in 4.2. I actually found this method quicker than downgrader and its probably safer, only takes about 5 minutes if you have all the files on your sd card
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