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    Nov 12, 2011
    Good Afternoon in my timezone.

    I am trying install the WiiMC application in my Wii.To do that my homebrew channel must run the IOS58 , my current version is using IOS61.So i have to update my Homebrew channel.
    I downloaded and run the IOS58 installer, it was fine , i downloaded the hackmii installer and i had install the new version of the HBC , now it uses the IOS58.
    But to finish the complete update i have to reinstall the BootMii. In the readme file that comes with the hackmii installer it says the following sentence :

    "If you have previously installed BootMii as boot2, you can also use the SD browser of the BootMii shell to launch the MINI version - use the bootmini.elf binary in this case."

    Because i already had installed the BootMii as boot2 , i want to follow the above instruction , the problem is when i go to BootMii and i use the SD Browser and then i go to apps folder and then to the hackmii folder i do not see any file.
    Should i run the hackmii installer and then install the bootmii through it ?
    Should i place the bootmini.elf file in the root of the SD card ?

    After i update the HBC to the IOS58 i was able to install the WiiMC channel but when i try to run it , it goes to the system menu so i think i have to end the installation , and to do that i have to reinstall the bootmi.

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards
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    A couple things I would suggest...
    • Run sysCheck from the Homebrew Channel, and post your CSV results here.
    • Have a look at ModMii, because you may need additional IOS updates.
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    You can just run the 'boot.elf' (not bootmini.elf) from the homebrew channel like any other app, no need to do it through bootmii. That stuff about loading bootmini.elf from bootmii is only an option, not a requirement. But yes, put the bootmini.elf on the root of the sd and see if that works, if you insist on installing it from bootmii.

    Also, you said you have already updated the homebrew channel? If you hit home, what IOS does it say it is using?

    Actually, if you don't have IOS 58, and your homebrew channel was out of date, then I assume other things are too, so I have to reccommend you just remod your wii with modmii. That will solve all your problems.