Two quick questions - One regarding Spoofing, another Launch methods

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    So, Okay. First off, I am on 5.3.2. I would like to be able to play newer titles such as Pokken and TPHD on the system. Is spoofing to 5.5.1 sufficient for this? I don't know if there are any new System features that the newer titles rely on or not. If not, then perhaps I could update to a higher version that still works with loadiine.

    Also, in Loadiine. when I load a Smash bros from Loadiine, it black screens when using Mii Maker, but with the Smash bros mode, it works. It takes a very long time to load, but it works. Any particular reason this may be?

    NOTE: I am using Loadiine for Smash bros and not the disk so I can play the updated version of the game.
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    I personally spoofed my console to 5.5.0. I play TPHD on it fine. You should also be using tubehax dns server in your internet connection.

    I'm not sure about Smash's compatability, but if you're just using loadiine so you can play the updated version, you could just install the Smash update with wupinstaller and use your disc.