Two NES's revived. Want to mod one.

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    As the title says, managed to find a couple of VCR-style NES's that were in storage, belonging to my fiancee. At first neither were working. But after a bit of elbow grease on my end, I managed to get both operational, and removed pin4 of each of their 10NES chips. :grog:

    That said, given my efforts I now have free reign to mod one of them, as she is the kinda person who prefers to at least have one that's all stock. (Least until such results from mods convince her otherwise :mthr: )

    So the way I see it is... simply, long as I got the right recipe (components required) and good directions, the better my chances of succeeding with each mod is concerned, and I'm looking into finding out what all I need for the project I have in mind for at least one (if not, both) of these 8-bitters. I figure that since there's plenty of space in the old front-loaders, that should give me a lot of room to work with when putting everything together.

    So that said, here's what I am wanting to do (in relative order of priority)
    • Enable Component Video output, if not also RGB and S-Video too. This is kinda huge, given that I know I've seen it done with top-loaders that were RF-only, and successfully have component video output to a modern HDTV. S-Video would obviously be a huge upgrade too, but many modern TV's now don't even have it anymore. And the RGB would be in the mind if ever I get something like the XRGB-mini, I still would rather have a way to connect that doesn't require a $400 transcoder. If all possible, I'd rather know that I can still plug in some standard RCA jacks and get going with that. Especially since we in 'murica got screwed by never having an RGB input :(
    • Stereo-out. Even on my testing right now, the buzz the TV(s) make when receiving only mono hurts more than I initially gave it credit for, so this is definitely a close second to the video out. I know I'd even seen a few that involved a toggle or dial to handle between stereo separation or even just a straight copy of mono across both channels. As long as the instructions/directions are well written, I should be able to do it. ^_^
    • Power Supply modification? Annoyingly though we found two sets of systems, I only ever did find one compatible power brick for the systems, so I did see some stuff regarding changing the power delivery to make an NES more power-efficient, and in essence greener, or even able to be powered with something mobile. So a way to fix that would be helpful. Not to mention if I do the above, I won't have a need for the original RF, right?
    • I noticed that one of the units' 72-pin connectors seems to not have any tension to hold onto a cartridge. It still manages to play, but definitely much more sensitive about how firmly held the cart is in place. Any suggestions how to fix that?
    That should cover most of it by now, though I'm sure I'll probably have more questions later.
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