[Tutorial] [Virtual Boy] Turn VB on without AC Adapter set

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    Jan 6, 2016
    *i've set images as spoilers because images was too big, sorry.

    You have a Virtual Boy, Cool! you have one of the rarest consoles of Nintendo! that's very cool! but... you don't have AC Adapter set... one like this:

    AC Adapter Set VB

    Okay! No problem! you can still mod your controller to power on your Virtual Boy without soldering!
    *It's recommended to solder Virtual Boy controller + and - if you don't want AC Adapter set.
    *This mod is very easy!

    Just you need a cheap SNES AC adapter! I brought this:
    AC adapter
    My AC info:
    Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output: 12V - 700mA

    Okay, cut it, and search + and - in your AC Adapter, like mine:
    + and -

    *If you don't know how to find + and - in your AC adapter, you should open it, and in motherboard should say, or use any tool to find + and -, like leds.

    Next, in your controller, put the cables in the pins, Left is Negative, Right is Positive, like this:
    + and - in VB Controller

    Excelent! now try to turn on your Virtual Boy, if works, congrats! you don't need anymore AC Adapter Set! (unless if you don't want AC Adapter Set, you should solder the VB Controller pins)

    Also, you should put something, like scotch tape, something like this:

    Anyway, here is my cutie virtual boy working with this mod ^^/ :
    cutie Virtual Boy ^^

    And no, this can't damage you virtual boy unless you put + and - reverse, so be careful!

    I hope this can be useful for anyone who have a Virtual Boy without AC adapter set ^^/

    *also sorry for the shitty english i have lmao

    Something random like hopes about me with this console kek
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    Mod idea: Replace the internals of the Virtual Boy with that of a modern VR headset...
    Actually, I think I might try that at some point...
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  3. Alex4U

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    Jan 6, 2016
    I don't think that would be possible...
    First, the Motherboard is too big...
    Second, no focus and no IRD focus too...
    Would be a nice idea, but sounds like impossible unless the VR has too much space for the Virtual Boy Motherboard.
    Also, the VB needs a special lents, (No LCD) So i don't know if that would be possible, possibly maybe TM
    I want to do a lot of mods with that console! Like:
    VB controller to USB
    VB screen to TV with easy installation
    VB Rechargable Battery would not be a bad idea too...
    Re-painting the Virtual Boy, i would love it to have one green with black!
    And much more! But... schools sucks, and i have a lot of homework :'( also sometimes i don't havs enough time to play or draw ;w;
    Anyway, soon TM
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    Nooooo why didn't you just buy a power converter thingie? :(
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    Better mod idea: the reverse
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    At least get a multimeter so you can determine positive and negative wires. You can pick them up very cheap. You should never play around with electrical stuff without one, even if it is low voltage. As to the power adapter, get one that has the voltage as close to what is called for but not over. But the amps have to at least be what is called for, but is safer to find one with the amps to be higher, but never lower. If the power adapter has too low of amps it will get hot then burn out, and a lot of times it will kill the device it's trying to power at the same time. If a device requires say 2 amps, but your power supply only provides .5 amps, the device will still try to pull 2 amps. The power converter can't supply that much and will burn out. I repair electronics for a living, and watching people do things like this without really knowing what they are doing scares the hell out of me. Not trying to be disrespectful, but please be careful. Just because it works for a few minutes does not mean it won't burn out an hour or days later.

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    The VB power adapter should be DC10V 850mA. The one you are using has too much volts, and not enough amps. Sometimes you can have lower amps if the voltage is a little higher, but with the power adapter you are using you are just shortening the life span of your VB. Do yourself a favor and find one that matches the OEM power adapter. Thrift stores sell them for a dollar.
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    Didn't the virtual boy come with a detachable battery compartment? I don't have an AC adaptor. My VB has an official battery compartment that takes 6 AA batteries.
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    that thing is going to catch on fire, unless that electrical tape
  9. Alex4U

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    Jan 6, 2016
    wew i've playing for hours and nothing.
    just my house burns