Tutorial:Making Animal Crossing codes with animal map

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    Before I start please know this:
    -This guide is just a "translated" version of a guide located here link I just thought that this would help some people if they wanted to make Animal Crossing a bit more enjoyable and if they don't understand the guide meant for AR users.

    -The cheats that can be made can be used on wi-fi please play nicely

    -Also this is just a basic tutorial, this is just to create a simple wall of rocks and removing it by "tweeding" (a term made by the original creator of the guide)

    Step 1: What you need
    -Animal Map 1.8
    -A flashcart compatible with cheats

    Step 2:Creating a rock wall

    -Ok so to start off open Animal Map 1.8(Advanced Mode) and R4CCE

    -Create a new folder in R4cce under the version of AC:WW that you have. Then Create a new code
    (If you aren't familiar with R4cce please read Curley5959's helpful guide on it link) (i hope you don't mind me posting your guide Curley).

    -Switch to Animal Map now and click AR-DS then Snapshot(Start)

    -Now click on Edit World Map

    -Place a few rocks where you want (don't do too many)

    -Click Save Changes

    -Click AR-DS again and this time click Make AR-DS Code...

    -You should now have a new window pop-up

    -Fill out the options starting with:
    #1 Choose your version of the game
    (leave where to put it)
    #2 You don't need to put in a name either, you will be naming it in R4CCE
    #3 Choose the trigger buttons that will be used to make the rocks appear
    #4 Leave the size of data

    -You should now have a code pop-up in preview XML

    -Click #5 Copy to clipboard

    -When doing the next step don't close the AR-DS generation box

    -Now go back to R4CCE and in the blank cheat that you made earlier, paste the code that you made in the Code List Box

    -You do not need to worry about erasing all the other stuff that is not code the editor will erase this after you click add.

    -You have now made a rock wall code [​IMG]

    Step 3:Getting rid of your rock wall (only for you)

    -This gets rid of the rock wall only on your screen.

    -Now this part is easy

    -Create a new cheat in R4CCE and switch back to animal map, you should still have the AR-DS generation box open.

    -Now click reverse direction and then CHOOSE A NEW TRIGGER BUTTON

    -The code should change, now just copy to clipboard, switch to R4CCE (keeping the AR-DS box open still) and paste into your Code List Box in the new cheat you made before.

    -Click add and now you have finished the code to make the wall disappear.

    Step 4: "Tweeding"
    Tweeding removes the rocks for everyone in your town, on their screen it just looks like your making rocks disappear.

    -Go back to the AR-DS generation box, and click done, re-snapshot.

    -Click AR-DS, Snapshot (Start) again just in case [​IMG]

    -Open up world edit again

    -Place weeds on top of the rocks you spawned in the cheats you made above

    -Click save changes

    -Click AR-DS again and this time click Make AR-DS Code...

    -You should be familiar with this box by now, repeat the steps you peformed before, when making the spawn rock wall cheat.

    -Create a new cheat in R4CCE and paste in the new code, then click add.

    -Now when playing and creating a rock wall for visitors just click your trigger button and the wall should turn to weeds, simply pick the weeds to remove rocks from the wall.

    -When closing Animal map do not save changes just click X then yes to ignore changes.

    NOTE:Sometimes you will just bend over, just tell your visitor to enter a door, pluck a weed, tell him to come back out and it should work for more weed plucks.

    If there are any problems or something needs to be added to this guide, please comment.
    Please give some feedback as well.
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    Nice work dude! I'm going to play around with it later.