[TUTORIAL] How to change courses in Mario Kart DS

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  1. MilanNL

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    Jun 29, 2017
    :nds:Welcome to this tutorial on how to change courses in Mario Kart DS.
    :discuss:I did use Redmat527's Mario Kart DS ROM Hacking Tutorial - Creating Custom Tracks (Model & Collisions) to make this tutorial.
    :download:First, you need a couple of programs/files. Download them all!
    Let's get started!

    :arrow:First, open Sketchup and choose: Simple Template - Metres. Then click on: Start using SketchUp.
    :arrow:Import TemplateCT.skp. You can use this to scale your circuit (karts are this size). Just move it up a bit so it won't bother you.
    :arrow:Now create your track.
    :!:When you placed your first object, right click on it and click Reverse faces! Just check that every object is white.:!:
    :arrow:When you've created the track of your dreams, move everything up. Not extremely high, around twice as high as your course (if you placed 3D objects).
    :arrow:Delete TemplateCT.
    :arrow:Remove useless faces. Useless faces are sides you don't see, e.g. Top of a wall, sides of a wall that are not visible...
    :arrow:Create a new material and name it after the object you are creating (e.g. Road if you are making a road, Wall if you are making a wall, etc...)
    :arrow:Select a texture you like, but choose a texture that is 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and so on.
    :arrow:Under the texture file chooser, fill in 30m in both spaces.
    :arrow:Now texture the faces with your material. Repeat this process (from create a new material) for the other textures.
    :arrow:Now, go to File -> Export -> 3D Model, give your file a name, CHOOSE OBJ file (*.obj) at export type!
    :!:Make sure to have these options at Options...!:!: [​IMG]
    :arrow:Click on Export.
    :arrow:Click on OK and close SketchUp. It doesn't matter if you don't save the project.

    :arrow:Open MKDS Modifier.
    :arrow:Go to Tools -> OBJ UV Patcher.
    :arrow:Select the OBJ file you just exported.
    :arrow:Save the fixed OBJ. It doesn't matter what you name it.
    :arrow:Now go to File -> New -> NSBMD.
    :arrow:Open the fixed OBJ you just patched.
    :arrow:Now save the NSMBD, again, it doesn't matter what you name it.
    :arrow:At the NSMBD Settings menu, check MKDS Scale (1/16 = 0.0625) and Create NSBTX. Then click OK.

    :arrow:Go to File -> New -> KCL.
    :arrow:Open the fixed OBJ.
    :arrow:Save the KCL file.
    :arrow:You can see the materials you created.
    :arrow:Check the boxes if the object needs to collide (and uncheck them if they don't).
    :arrow:At Type, edit the ID to the corresponding object.
    :arrow:Open the spoiler below or go to http://www.dshack.wiki/index.php/KCL_ID_List to see the ID's.
    ID List

    Open Every File Explorer.
    :arrow:Open your ROM in EFE by clicking the folder icon.
    :arrow:Go to data -> Course and choose the course you want to replace. If you have a new ROM without a SAV, I recommend using one course out of the first two Nitro or Retro Cups. To see the codenames of the courses, see https://www.dshack.org/docs.php?page=doc&did=14.
    :arrow:Open the .carc file of the course you want to replace.
    :arrow:Right-click on the KCL file and choose Replace.
    :arrow:Select the KCL file you created yourself.
    :arrow:Now replace the NSMBD with yours.
    :arrow:Now open course_map.nkm and course_collision.kcl.
    :arrow:View course_map.nkm WITH COURSE_COLLISION.KCL OPEN!!!
    You will probably see the course of your choice with your course underneath it. Move the black point (starting point) to the place you want to start (on your course).
    :arrow:Change the Y of Position to the height you raised your course in Sketchup.
    :!:You don't know the Y-coordinate so you need to guess and hope it's good, and otherwise try again.:!:
    Go back to Course and select the file: [courseyouchose]Tex.carc.
    :arrow:Replace the NSBTX with yours.
    :arrow:Save and quit.

    If you have followed my steps correctly you should have your course now in Mario Kart DS!

    If you have any questions post them below and I will try to answer them.