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    Sep 13, 2009
    Long story short, I have a fragging xbox, and installing a modchip (Aladdin XT plus 2 clone) did not help so I figured that I might as well try TSOP flashing it. Question is though, whether I can just take the IND bios .bin and flash it to the xbox using PiPROM (after making a backup of the current bios just to be sure), or are there other things I must do to the bios first? (Guides seem to point to softmods, so I don't know if they use a straight flash, or if some parts of the bios are encrypted etc. first)

    Edit: I've tried flashing it (after backing up the eeprom) and it didn't work. Reading it back revealed that it only flashed the first 256 bytes so that's a no go. Can anyone confirm that the chip that needs to be flashed is the winbond chip? And that just flashing the downloaded bios to it directly will work? If so I might just remove the eeprom and flash it with a programmer.

    Edit 2: After looking into this a bit more, I'm fairly certain that the winbond is the right chip, and that the eeprom that PiPROM reads/writes is a different chip (thus the 256 bytes situation). I'm going to recheck some of the traces first, and if that doesn't work I'll decide between getting an adapter to tsop this one or getting another xbox (it's either getting the adapter for a tenner to maybe repair this one, or waiting and buying another xbox once the conventions start up again for that same tenner).
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    Feb 13, 2015
    Correct, the eeprom is an I2C accessory while the bios is on a different bus (a proprietary parallel interface for builtin rewritable ones, LPC for most modchips and 1.6 consoles)

    So unless you have the right parallel flash programmer, you would need a softmod (or vintage 26 wire parallel chip) to program the internal flash, because you neet to be able to run homebrew while NOT booting from a LPC chip (else the southbridge will select that instead of internal until the next boot)
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