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Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Die Antwoord, Aug 17, 2011.

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    How much would you say my kit is worth? How should i sell? Each Item seperate? I never sold on amazon before.

    Red/black DS lite, 2 styluses, very little scratches on red top. otherwise, perfect condition. Can put in original box which is also mint condition, still has booklets n such.
    R4DS original (i think) and working fine. Served me well for years.
    Action replay DS, sticker looks a little washed out.
    Super mario 64 DS and diddy kong racing, both have original boxes, mint condition
    EZ flash 3-n-1

    GBA SP: Lots of scratches on top but aren't too visable, and a dent on the lower left corner on the inside
    Gameshark for GBA
    Pokemon fire-red version
    Super mario advanced 4, sets 1&2 of e-reader levels cards activated.
    Super mario advanced 3, sticker is a little washed out.
    E-reader, damaged gamecube connecter to fit in the DS phat, doesn't effect performance
    4-way link cable
    Sets 1 & 2 of SMB4 e-reader cards.
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    Apr 9, 2009
  3. kevan

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    Dec 4, 2009
    Maybe $5-10 for the EZ 3 in 1, they cost like $20 so half or three quarter the price down.
  4. Another World

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    original r4 running wood is hardly junk. the r4 hardware is faster in some regards to flash kits are you probably more familiar with. its only limitation has been the below 8000h reads, but those things do not need to be auto patched. the original r4 was extremely well built. perhaps in the future you would like to do a bit or research before your flap your typing hands?

    to the topic starter: your problem here is that the r4 has resurfaced after the nintendo law suit and now sells new in the box for $4-$6. you are looking at maybe $2 for a used one. even if it is still working 100% it is used, it means used contacts and a worn micro sd slot. if you had the box, photos of the PCB to prove its not a clone, all the original stuff (like the baby blue wrist strap, micro sd reader, and plastic case), then perhaps you could get $3-4 to the right buyer who is looking to save a few bucks off a new kit. because the original will only work in the ds lite and ds phat you instantly have a limited market as most users sold their old systems and upgraded to the dsi and 3ds.

    i still have 3 original r4s and they all get tons of use with the wood firmware. its a great kit, was a great kit, and will always be a great kit.

    -another world
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    When I sell stuff on Amazon, I look at what others are selling and carefully undercut them. I remember selling all my DS games in several hours via that method.