Trouble with patched Chrono Trigger

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    May 4, 2008
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    The first time I thought it was a fluke, but now that I've had to run through the Ioka v Reptites scenario twice, I don't think it's so simple. I patched CT with this patch, and it was running just fine. Now I find that saves don't actually take after some point between the start of "A Hero Appears" and the end of "Footprints! Follow!"

    The first time it happened I had just beaten Azala's pet and I was about to head back to the Gate, but my battery ran low so I saved and shut down. When I loaded it back up, I found that I had been shoved back to the End of Time, where I had saved before heading out to stop Magus (this is immediately after the Proto Dome).

    The second time it happened I had gotten as far as Magus' castle where Ozzie was about to give me a warm welcome. I had saved (or so I thought) just outside the fortress, and it was getting late, so I powered down. When I went to load the game, I was just outside Leene Square, not terribly far from where I had been rewound to the first time, but it was again the second-to-last place I had saved.

    Is this a side effect of the patch? Can I not save after a certain point? Or is it that I can't save during a certain length of game? Is there perhaps a better patch, and if there is, is there any way to get my current save file to work with the newly patched rom? I use a SuperCard DS One, though I didn't get the JP anti-piracy update since I have the US version of the rom.