Triple Screens

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    Nov 24, 2008
    For a long time i have used two screens by using a single graphics card and an external usb svga device by sweex. This has suited me fine.
    When i got a new pc last september, it came with a dual card graphics card (Radeon 2600 XT) so the usb device went into the cupboard.

    One year on, the introduction of a TV to my desktop has given me the wonderful idea of triple screens, however, i cannot seem to get the USB device to work on vista (or maybe it doesn't like being the third monitor).
    The drivers for it have come off of the Windows update site and i installed the CD fine... for some reason, it only appears as a USB2.0 VGA DEVICE(USB) within my device manager whereas i'm pretty sure it should appear as a display adapter.

    Has anybody else come across this problem?

    I will try it on my version of XP 64 bit later to see if Vista is indeed the problem or whether it is graphics card related..

    Also the 2600XT has an s-video out on it...if i was to plug this into the tv would that produce a third monitor or would it just copy one?