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    If I somehow broke GBATemp's ToS, please take down this post.
    Custom Firmware is required for this!

    Here is a link to download a patched version of Metroid 4: Fusion, which is in the .cia file format as opposed to .gba. This way you can directly install it and play it at full speed compared to mGBA's 15 frame per second rates. This version of Metroid Fusion comes with a debug menu patch. To activate it, when Samus is controllable, press start to bring up the map, then press R. I tested it and it works like a charm. I'm a little late but happy 30th annual anniversary Metroid!

    EDIT: Removed for linking to illegal files
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    Posting .cia files of copyrighted content (for instance, GBA games) is against the forum's rules.
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    Yeah, sorry you should probably remove the direct link to the game...

    (Maybe share it on social media and reference your social media on the original post?)
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    Sorry, that file goes against the TOS. Perhaps if you could upload the patch for the hack so that people can patch it to their own totally legally obtained version of Metroid Fusion, and then they could put it in the GBA rom to cia converter tool, that would work.
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    LoL /totally legally obtained/
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