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  1. Dave_Chad

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    Jun 29, 2016
    I am considering a 2nd Switch to mod. My main one i play Fifa online so i won't mod it at all. I was wondering if there is a way for me to transfer my Zelda, Doom and Bayonetta game saves onto my 2nd Switch and keep my progress/be able to continue?

    I figure it belongs in this section as it's sort of Custom Firmware related?!
  2. Zumoly

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    Apr 27, 2018
    If you absolutely don't want to hack your main Switch to get your saves offline (actually the only way as of today) then you'd have to consider Nintendo's online subscription which will start next month.
    As it seems you'll at least have to install a save manager homebrew to get your saves off your main Switch since unlinking your account from your main Switch is a no go.
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  3. LiamMCW

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    Put the main switch in airplane mode, make a NAND backup of the main switch, run Edizon to dump saves then restore the NAND backup to erase traces of homebrew. Transfer the saves to the new switch and inject them.
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    I dont think you would need to make a nand backup just on the main switch put EdiZon on the sd card, boot hekate and go into cfw, put the main switch in airplane mode, open EdiZon from HBMenu, backup all the saves you want, close EdiZon and turn off your switch then put your sd card into your pc and copy the EdiZon folder off it and delete the switch folder, next take out the sd card and put in the sd card of the switch you want to hack, copy EdiZon and the EdiZon folder onto it, put it into the switch you want to hack, open EdiZon and inject all the saves and..... Done! :D
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  5. LiamMCW

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    You need to backup the NAND and restore it to get rid of logs. It just makes it less likely for a ban.
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