Transferring saves from 360 via USB?

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    Before you go "oh you fuggin fegit that's impossibru" hear me out. After a chat with a support rep, I found out that the only thing keeping the One from reading drives from the 360 and vice versa is partition format. The 360 exclusively uses FAT32, and the One only uses NTFS. AND since the One can read 360 saves, theoretically all you'd have to do is copy saves from the 360 to the drive, (optional: make a byte-for-byte backup with HxD, but that's just me), copy the crap off the stick, format stick as NTFS, copy crap back to stick, put stick into One. Apparently the rep has heard of varying success with this, but said "the cloud storage method is safer because we check the saves when uploading from the 360 AND when downloading to the One for consistency and fix problems as the One downloads the saves." So... go ahead and try it. I've had... mild success with this (around 1 in 16 saves didn't appear to be on the drive to the One) but your mileage may vary. Tell me what did and didn't work below, and maybe we can make this process easier for ourselves.
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    you don't really have to do a byte by byte backup.
    Just copy the saves to a NTFS formatted USB drive and plug it in the One and test it.
    the 360 doesn't partition a FAT32 USB anymore.
    It just stores it on there.