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I ran thru all the work to transfer from my WiiU my BOTW saves and converting them. I was going to bootstrap up my Switch up in Atmosphere and use Checkpoint to transfer saves into the Switch, but I was reading that it was a dicey proposition to inject saves. I don't care about cheating in general or leaving any of these hacking apps up (just a once and done deal since Nintendo doesn't have a legit way of migrating data over), but I know Nintendo could see any injection as such. If I were to inject these saves into my system will the switch be banned immediately if it leaves Airplane mode to say future games from eShop or play an unmodified game like Mario Kart online? Gleaning from multiple threads, this activity just for BOTW saves seems like it is a major risk rather than minor one. Is that correct? If it is just a minor risk that is something I am willing to take, but it seems like if I inject saves the Switch will always have to remain offline until the NAND is completely reset (removing all saves included).


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Yeah you pretty much answered your own question there. Any homebrew used will most likely result in a ban sooner or later. Nobody can really say when it'll happen but there's like maybe a 95% chance that it will eventually if you go online. Now if you're like me and don't care about online play checkpoint is a great little app for backing up and restoring/injecting save files and pretty simple to use. I've gone back and forth playing BotW with Cemu emulator and my Switch and checkpoint has been great for transferring saves.
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