Trainer causing XBOX to get stuck in Reboot Loop.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by portugeek, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Last night I tried FTPing over some Trainers onto the XBOX. When I went to reboot the system, it got stuck in a rebooting loop.

    Not knowing what was causing it, combined with hearing my harddrive making noises, (noises that it's probably made a dozen times before, but I'm just now focusing on it) had me thinking that maybe HDD died.

    I then tried booting to the bios, and that worked, so I FTP'd to the bios and decided to try deleting the trainers since that was the last thing I did. I reboot, and viola!, everything's back to normal.

    Now I start considering that it could be related to FATX format limitations. So I start looking into those. I bulk rename a bunch of the trainers. Removing characters I think could be problematic. Making sure that the file name lengths (including extentions) are all under 42 characters.

    Feeling pretty confident that everything checks out. I FTP the trainers over again and (FART NOISE) Reboot Loop!

    So this morning I try AGAIN! This time I decide to move only a couple trainers over at a time in attempt to single out the culprit. I found it! :) But I don't know what's wrong with it. :mellow:

    I know the easy answer is to just not install that one. But I still have a bunch more I'd like to install, and finding the issue with this one could help me with other problematic ones. And I'm sure there's other ones, there's always other ones. :glare:

    Any of you guys ever have a similar problem? Any ideas?

    I just tried installing the rest of them and it worked! So it was just that one file, go figure. Here's the specific file's name "ConkerLiveandReloaded.ETM" incase anyone else has issues with it.
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    Yes that is why it is recommended to FTP them over one at time and make sure they work.